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Goin’ on a Train Ride!

Spouser and I are headed to Albuquerque to see my two sisters!  The younger one, B. and her husband are already visiting P. and her husband,  and we’re going to join the group.

We’re trying something new this time: a roomette on Amtrak. We plan to sleep overnight on the 16+ hour segment.  This works both directions.  We will take an Amtrak bus from here to Union Station in Los Angeles to catch our train.  That’s about 2 1/2 hours, but the buses are relatively new and comfortable. In each case,  we depart and arrive during business hours.

For those who haven’t looked lately, Amtrak seems to be a pretty good deal.  Our roomette has a closet, a head, a shower, large picture windows, and two beds that are set up at night.  The cost is near that of the plane.  It could have been lower if we had foregone the bathroom, but it seemed worth it.

Some other amenities:  climate control in the roomette; a very large fold-down table, standard electric outlets in the headrests, reclining chairs placed to enhance the window view, WiFi throughout the train, meal service, a beverage bar, and no TV!  We’ll rely on our Amazon Kindles instead.

Best of all, I will be able to stand, walk about, stretch, exercise tired legs (squats, etc.) and take off my shoes!

I will take a packet of old family pictures that B. and P. haven’t seen  for a while.  Some of them have Mom and Dad and all five of us kids.  Four of the seven have passed away;  B. and P. and I are the only survivors.

Spouser and I have begun avoiding travel because I couldn’t handle much time in one position.  If this experience is good, we have a lot of new possibilities to explore!