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Spouser and I hired someone to help around the house.  We got T. from a home health agency and she is quite good.

One huge  benefit is that she takes the routine housekeeping chores off my hands.  For the first time in years, there’s time to tackle the deferred maintenance.  There are many home makers who somehow do a little of the hard stuff every week.  For them it never gets out of hand, and each of them is more smug than the next.    Then there are the rest of us.

I’ve accumulated a few dents and dings that cause a hitch in my git-along.  Hard chores are well-nigh impossible for me alone, and T. has time each visit to help with tall shelves, heavy boxes and the like.

The result:  10 standard file boxes have been emptied and removed.  There’s still stuff to shred, but the empty storage areas are pleasing.  We made another pass at donating outdated and wrong-sized clothing, which resulted in plenty of room on each clothes rod and all shoes ensconced on the shoe shelves. Things no longer need ironing the minute they are crammed between hanging garments!

T. washes one or two windows each visit.  All of them  will be clean by the end of next month.

Tomorrow I’m going with Spouser to an installation breakfast for one of his groups.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen any of these folks; they are very nice, salt-of-the-earth people and it will be fun.  Score some reaching-out points for this new beginning task.