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Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets, Part 2

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, all of the kitchen drawers have been tidied, including the coupon, medication and receipts drawers.  We cleared the potholder-trivet drawer of quite a bit of surplus.  Kitchen tools, rarely used things (skewers, meat-tenderizer mallet, corn handles, crème brulee dishes, etc.,) vases, baking pans, cutting boards, everyday stuff–all got the treatment. The (reachable) kitchen cupboards look wonderful.  There is a row of shelves too high to reach without a ladder.  The quandary:  do I put stuff up there that is unlikely to be used again, or should those shelves remain empty?  Spouser fixed that:  we’re storing camp stoves and accessories up there, as well as an ornate punch bowl with its matching tiny cups, and a small forest of Thermos bottles.

T. tidied the pantry for us; now you can see the inventory on hand and there’s a logical place for everything.  Unpacking groceries is much easier now.  

The absence of things bestows a crisp look upon interior space; it’s become a decorating principle for our entire home.  We’ve been putting away all small items except the best one for each place.  Many surfaces don’t need anything and are now bare.  A large number of decorator and kitchen things have gone to the Goodwill store. Our home looks fresher and larger than before.

I’ve gotten rid of 27 linear feet of bookshelf space as well as the bookshelves themselves.  Their contents were, variously: shredded, given away, donated to charity, and discarded.  This opened up enough space to put a 6-foot work table in the room-formerly-called-the-gym.  Now a project can be set up and left for days, instead of tying up the kitchen table!

The entire anti-clutter campaign centered upon a domino effect.  Remove a sticking point in the system, see what new possibilities open up, go after one of those, re-evaluate, then lather, rinse, repeat!

The biggest payoff is seeing the job done (well, nearly done) but a true benefit is the feeling of calm open space in our home.  Oh, yeah…