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To Relocate, or Not?

I’ve been blogging for about 8 weeks and I really like it!  WordPress.com is an excellent platform, rich in features.  Help was available when I  needed it.  I feel safe here.  But WordPress itself says that WordPress.com may not be right for everyone.

It may be time to expand my horizons.  It would be really nice to make  changes to the theme I’ve selected, and I became accustomed to Google Analytics years ago.  WordPress.com has very good reasons to standardize the themes it offers;  it would not be practical or safe to allow users access to features like those.  One user could destroy things  for all the rest of us!

CORT moving van, Fairway Trails Apartment comp...

CORT moving van, Fairway Trails Apartment complex, Ypsilanti, Township, Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I’m considering upgrading, either to WordPress.org or to the company that hosts my email and its domain.  The WordPress Guided Transfer facility is completely booked up at the moment.  However, WordPress.com’s  instructions for moving do not seem all that difficult, and my new home may be able to help as well.Am  I brave enough to venture forth without handholding?  Things that might be problems are:What features that I now enjoy seamlessly will vanish if I move?  (Yes,  I’ll get Jetpack, which you can get from WordPress.com when you leave.  It contains many of the tools we use here.)

Will the support over there be as good?  What about forums?  What about Zemanta?

Will my new host shower me with inconveniences and unexpected charges?

An experienced professional, who is familiar with my skills, said he thinks I can handle it. Writing about a potential change often helps me decide, so now that’s done.

Now  all that’s left is doing a little more research and if warranted, making the move.  My audience should not notice a thing except the esthetic presentation niceties that I long for.