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Router Behavior Grumblings

Over the years, I’ve learned that computer tasks won’t go smoothly on the first try.  “That’s why they call it work and pay you so much.”  However, I’m retired and fixing the home network only pays off in satisfaction.  Sanity requires plenty of time for false starts and trouble-shooting. 

 I run a small home network to share one internet cable connection.  The old router has intermittently dropped the connection and dumped the user off for the last several months.  The telephone support tech fellow chewed up three  fruitless hours, then eventually pointed the finger at my cable ISP.

The cable guy came out and tested my signal, which was fine.  We substituted lengths of cable among devices on the network.  His new cable and the cable in place all work well.  He was stumped, and he punted—would I consider purchasing a new router?  Well, Yes.  A faster one would allow better video streaming. We weren’t using streaming video back when the old router came on board, and an upgrade would be welcome. So I went to Best Buy and got a nice, more robust new router.

Then the intermittent drops became less frequent on my current installation.  Life was hectic and I just put with resetting the router as needed.  This went on for months and installing the new router became scarier by the week.

Tonight I couldn’t get the reset to restore the connection.  This is a bad time, but without a router, my only window to the world is my DROID phone.  I found the router’s box but still have to locate the instruction book which was removed for reading.

Then Real Life set in:  a friend called and we talked at length.  Spent a few minutes looking for the router instructions but got sidetracked.  My son called with measurements for my granddaughter-to-be’s baby blanket so I could order the fabric.  (The adoption is in progress.) 

And then the blasted router let me back online.  Talk about intermittent!  I stayed online for 20 minutes or so and the connection dropped again, not to be reinstated amid numerous attempts.  Oh, well… 

It’s too late this evening to start installing the router.  This near-start added more dread to the coming task, but pretty soon it must be faced.  Sunday afternoon, maybe?