Blog Relocation: We are On the Move!

Plaque on the ICANN (Internet Corporation for ...

Plaque on the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) head office, Del Rey, California, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Time is Come: The WordPress Happiness Engineers got to us three days ago!

Still have to get content, theme, and some  other stuff moved, but things, they is a poppin’.

ICANN, whose plaque is shown here, keeps track of domain names and their numbers. GoDaddy (our hosting Provider) took care of the ICANN part of getting the new domain name.

The new site has only a placeholder, “Hello World” page titled The Time is Come.  We have yet to hear from the Happiness folks beyond  their April 2 email  describing the Guided Transfer now in progress but we plunged in anyway and activated most modules of the JetPack suite of plug-ins.

The current operating version of The Time is Come blog, at, is currently operating  under’s rules. is a safe platform for folks who choose to avoid the technical side of blogging.  It’s been a perfect beginners’ practice set.  Here’s a link to a great explanation of the difference: vs. (

The other side of WordPress drops some of the keep-it-simple approach. The user can modify some portions of code with WP’s blessing.  The blogs out there can have advertising, as well. This move is for both of these reasons.Our new domain,, plays by the more liberal rules outside, and it will hold The Time is Come blog when the transfer is done.  We’ll keep you informed.

There’s not been time to write lately, (tax time and all that)  but plans are to resume updating this blog  RSN*.

*RSN is a term of art meaning Real Soon Now.

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