Tax Time, Continued

USA Capitol Washington DC

USA Capitol Washington DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both Federal and California returns are printed out in draft form, ready for Spouser to review and approve. He needs to know what he’s signing.

Checking the returns took quite a bit longer on the H&R Block software than it normally does with TurboTax.
Most of the return pages printed out o.k. but there was one major problem:  Block’s built-in error check was wrong!

I chose Direct Deposit for both Federal and California refunds but forgot to say which bank to put them in.  Block’s built-in error check did not catch this, which could have held up our refunds for months!

The problem was easy to fix, but I’m disappointed in Block’s slip-up.  We’re going back to TurboTax next year.  The look and feel of their product is familiar and, IMHO, more elegant.  It also provides an audit trail that is easier to follow.

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