The Kitchen Drawers Adventure, Part 1

Spouser and I met on a 1963 camping trip on the first day of fishing season.  He was co-leader of a beginners’ training exercise in glacier travel, and I was one of his students.  We have never stopped camping, and it’s possible that some of our silverware dates back to those days.  At least some of the camp stove gadgets do.

One of my sisters maintains a matched set of eating tools for daily use, in addition to her good silver.  Her silverware drawer looks so nice!  It’s not overcrowded.  All the forks point the same way and the salad forks have a bin separate from the dinner forks.  She must use a dishwasher finishing product, because they’re all shiny and spotless to boot.  Sigh…

The silverware drawer here was crowded, especially in the overflow area behind the bins.  Spouser had Quartermaster experience in the Army, and his love of a goodly supply is still with him.  We own equipment for nearly any situation.  Our silverware and kitchen tools drawers contained things that vary in style, years of service, special purpose, size, degrees of sharpness, and ruggedness.

The first chore was to inventory drawer contents: silverware, then tools, then “yet to categorize.”  T. and I located a few fresher-looking plastic drawer-dividing bins. We started with ONE set of tableware:  stainless service for eight in a calm, gracious pattern. 

The drawer looked empty, so I added a couple of extra bins and kept going.  Here come the long-handled iced tea spoons!  Nestled among them is my favorite baby-feeding spoon. It has a tiny bowl and extra-long handle that spared my arm’s reaching to a far-away mouth.  [Memory surge.]  Next are the serving spoons, including the large stainless steel ones Spouser found at a flea market.  Those are Navy surplus, each spoonful delivering a portion.  And so on, until the drawer began to overflow again.  Spouser added wrapped packages of fast-food utensils, some with salt, pepper and napkin, in the very back.  They’re useful for car trips.

Looks good!

The kitchen tools will be another post.  And wait till you see the pantry!

3 thoughts on “The Kitchen Drawers Adventure, Part 1

  1. Our cutlery was inherited from my grandmother and shipped across from England. Its nothing special, just a matched set of stainless steel (British Steel) for eight. Its not antique, or even terribly old (probably about 20 years now… wow time flies.

    Of course its been supplemented with serving spoons, extra tea spoons and a bunch of baby knives and forks.

    It’s a mess – there is even some emergency string in there!

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