Blearning Curve

Blogging is complicated for neophytes!  There’s lots of help available but not all of it serves to fix a “situation.”  The only way out is through…

Was it necessary to try out so many of 168 themes?  If I knew what I were doing, probably not.

The  video training WordPress furnishes is great.  Didn’t stumble across it during the first couple of days, but by that time the material had some meaning.

Exploration has always been intriguing, especially when it involves new software.  What will it do easily?  What can it be  made to do even when it doesn’t want to? Having few time constraints adds to the pleasure.

One thought on “Blearning Curve

  1. At lot of time can be spent selecting the look and feel for your blog only to change it a day later after you add some content. My advice is get at least five posts, some with pictures, some without, to allow you to better test the theme on actual content.

    Beyond that the basic functions of WordPress are simple.

    I can’t wait to see what things you manage to make WordPress do that it doesn’t want to naturally do. The hardest so far for me was including video.

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