Another New Beginning

Blogging feels a bit like Michael Valentine Smith may have felt among the humans.  He was, after all, born on Mars. For the Robert Heinlein fans who read “Stranger in a Strange Land:” please relax!  The comparison stops well before the religious part of the book begins.

This is not my first new beginning; there’s something fresh every time I retire.  Various retirements were from the workforce; from being my Dad’s caregiver in his last years; from each important volunteer gig; and from each major hobby. I’m currently moving on from a 6-year volunteer gig with a government agency.  That was loads of fun and involved learning about geographical information systems and building pretty Web pages in Content management Software.

This blog will describe some of the many things that interest me. For example, I just learned that The Year Of  The Dragon that our Chinese neighbors celebrate is a Water Dragon–a small green lizard with a pretty crest on its back.  I had always envisioned the fire-breathing, Hobbit-frightening dragon variety.  More wonderment to follow…

One thought on “Another New Beginning

  1. Welcome to the Blog-o-Sphere!

    I too was surprised by the lack of fire-breathing, giant claws and wings on the water dragon. Still thinking about it, all the other animal representations in the Chinese calendar a representations of real animals.

    Every day is a new beginning…

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